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360care Dental Services
360care focuses on serving the Dental and Oral healthcare needs for Residents of senior and long-term care communities. We understand that healthy mouths promote overall wellness, and the best way to achieve this is through Professional Dental care.

Our Dentists and Dental staff have been specifically trained to provide a variety of professional Dental services to the residents of long-term care communities.

We’re There for You
360care provides routine care as well as a full scope of Dental Services at your Facility and will provide a record of the treatment in each patient’s chart. Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to perform Exams, Cleanings, Digital X-rays, Fillings, and Extractions as well as complete Denture services, limiting your exposure and expense associated with sending Residents out for care.

Electronic Health Records
360care utilizes EHR (Electronic Health Records) for all patients. Printed consult reports are left the same day at your Facility, allowing you to keep your charts up to date. 360care can supply your Facility with useful reports that list current Dental information regarding the procedures your Residents have had as well as suggested treatment plans, at the push of a button.

Dental Plans
360care accepts Medicaid and other dental insurance plans making it possible for all of your Residents to get the proper Dental care they need. 360care also offers a unique insurance product that covers services not usually covered by Medicaid. For qualifying Medicaid Residents, there is no out of pocket expense for the product. We even have an affordable dental plan available for all Residents who have no dental insurance.

360care provides warranties for Dentures provided by 360care should the Denture get lost or is broken beyond repair.


360care schedules consistent visits to your Facility.

Better service, better staff, better benefits and better care.

That’s 360care, bringing care to you!
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