About Us

About Us

360care serves as the link between senior care communities and ancillary providers. As an administrative services company, 360care performs all the “front and back office” work associated with a typical brick-and-mortar practice. 360care also serves as the single point of contact with the senior care communities to provide the most productive clinical visits and assure that the senior care communities’ needs are addressed.

More than 3,000 senior care communities and more than 400 clinicians trust in 360care to help address the residents’ ancillary care needs. 360care works with the highest quality clinical professionals, who are dedicated to seeing that patients receive the best, most appropriate level of care.

We are strong supporters of the long-term care and assisted living industries. We are members of industry associations in our markets and exhibitors at many industry trade shows.

Ancillary care at 360care

360care Mission

We are in business to better the lives of our customers by improving access to care.

We are committed to:

  • Intentionally providing exceptional personalized service
  • Collectively working towards goals with passion and dedication
  • Consistently treating with fairness and respect
  • Constant improvement and innovation
  • Profitability as a means to accomplish our goals
360care is a service mark of Citizens Financial Corporation