“I wanted to take the time to share that our podiatry scheduler, Angela is doing an outstanding job! As you know, the scheduling and finalizing the lists can be challenging with add-ons, waiting for Dr. signatures on orders, etc. Angela is so patient and accommodating, and I thought it was important to let someone know!

Also, Angela’s predecessor, Christina was amazing. Always pleasant, never making me feel like a pain for my last minute requests! I understand she is still with the company, but in a different position.

And while I’m at it, the podiatrists and assistants who come to our building are so professional and friendly. They speak to the residents and staff so kindly, and that makes such a difference in everyone’s experience. This has not always been the case, as we have had challenges with providers in the past.”
– Robin, LSW, Social Worker

“Dr. Cranfill has been wonderful with our residents. He’s patient, kind, warm and they like him.”
– Nancy, SSD

“We are very thankful for the dental services provided on-site to our residents. It is much easier for our residents to receive dental care on-site rather than going outside the facility. This enables the facility to maintain a higher level of care and continuity for our residents. The dental providers are a very knowledgeable and caring part of our team.”
– Cindy, LNHA , Admin

“The whole team is very helpful. They take their time with every patient that they see; it helps them to be comfortable, especially the dental work. Also if we need them to come here on a non-appointment day they will. We would like to say thank for being part of (our) family.”
– Tanya, Social Services

“This program has been instrumental in making sure our residents are receiving quality care in a timely manner and in providing peace of mind for families knowing that their loved one is important and will receive the services he/she needs. The program offers excellent dental care and vision services, which our residents deserve in their golden years. These services help keep them healthy, happy and safe and decrease the chances of infection. We are extremely pleased with the services provided and look forward to the continued care we receive at every visit. Thank you for your diligence and great customer service!”
-Robert, RN,BSN,LNHA

– Crystal, LPN,BA

“I just wanted to let you both know that you guys ROCK!!! I absolutely love working with you. Everything has gone so smooth and the residents are happy. The staff has also been very complimentary. I can’t remember the assistants name but she is amazing. One of our nurse managers was bragging on her today and how good she is with the residents. I also loved Dr. Davis. I really hope he returns. Thank you for everything!”
– Jea, LBSW

“This is a company that appears to be one that knows its business. The prompt response to the questions and providing services has been outstanding. The change of services was an ease and the support was there to answer any questions. I would recommend this company to any facility that is in search of services.”
– James, MSA

“Better late than never! I had a call from a NH out west the other day and I gave them a very positive report on our experience with you. Responses are quick and to the point. With the recent upgrading of the program Katie has been a big help in making the transition as easy on us as possible. Residents like the dentist and hygienist and visits have been scheduled and kept. We appreciate the easy and friendly working relationship. ”
– Cynthia, LCMFT

“Thank you all for what you have done! I know I have said it before, but I will say it again…….I am so impressed with EVERYONE AND EVERY THING that was done to make this a success. If I have not shared yet, this was the experience : Tom, the resident in question, stated that he was excited to get his smile back. After the denture was done, about 2 hours, he turned to us and said, “thank you for giving me my smile back!” Tom could not stop smiling! When he got back to his room and showed everyone, we got a visit from his roommate. His roommate was mad! He started asking why the other people had not gotten him his dentures in 7 months…..and Tom got them in 2 hours? A facility employee told him that they were sorry, but that is why they changed to this company. They actually do what they say they are going to do and they do more. Such a wonderful experience! “

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