Why Use 360care

Bringing Care To You

Onsite Treatment
Eliminate the stress and cost of transporting residents to offsite offices for procedures our providers can complete onsite.

Prevent Serious Issues
By providing preventative treatment and addressing issues early, more serious issues are avoided, benefiting both the resident and the facility.

Single Source

Keeping Things Simple
Instead of dealing with separate entities for each ancillary service, you only have to work with one.

Dedicated Care Coordinator
We provide a single point of contact for the scheduling of all services.

We See Everyone

Care for All
Whether insured through the 360care insurance program, private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, or private pay, we provide the ancillary treatment needs for all.


360care is fully integrated with both Point Click Care and MatrixCare.  EMR Integration helps improve the continuity of care while reducing the administrative burden on your staff by eliminating faxing and uploading paper notes.  Provider notes can be electronically transmitted to the resident’s chart.

State Of The Art Equipment

Comprehensive Care
Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide a level of care comparable to a private practice setting.

Cognitive Communication Deficits
Our equipment helps our doctors to examine everyone, even those who cannot respond verbally.

No Cost To Facility

Care Billed To Residents’ Insurance
All treatment is paid for by the residents’ insurance or directly by the residents if there is no coverage. The facility never pays for anything unless they have agreed to do so in advance.


Patient Portal
We want to share information about the care we are providing. A patient portal is available to the facility and/or the responsible party.

Keeping You Compliant

We Know You
As specialists in serving senior care communities, we know your regulatory requirements as they relate to ancillary care and we work to meet those requirements.

Documented Compliance
Consult notes are left the day of the visit. Audit reports are available as you approach your state window.

360care is a service mark of Citizens Financial Corporation