360care Insurance
360care Insurance

  • Coverage is available at no additional out-of-pocket cost for qualifying Residents or the Community.
  • 360care insurance plans make comprehensive care accessible and affordable and provide benefits that may not be covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
  • There are no deductibles, no co-pays, no waiting periods or prior authorizations for any services, and without the challenges currently associated with dual eligibility plans.

How does it work?
Qualified Medicaid Residents who reside in Nursing Home Facilities must pay what income they receive to the Facility each month. The amount they pay to the Facility is called the patient pay liability and is determined by the Medicaid office. In most cases, Residents can keep a small portion of their income to be used for their own personal needs. Qualified Medicaid Residents may also keep a portion of their income to pay for health insurance. Since our insurance plans qualify as an allowable deduction, most Residents can have their patient liability reduced by the amount of the insurance premiums. This means qualified Medicaid Residents may have all of these benefits covered by the insurance at no additional cost to them or to the Nursing Home Facility. Here is how it works:

*Check with 360care to see which insurance plans are available in your state. 360care insurance plans are issued by Citizens Security Life Insurance Company, Louisville, KY.

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