360care Vision
OnSite Optometry Services
360care focuses on serving the eye care needs of Residents of nursing homes, long-term care, and short-term rehabilitation facilities. Our Doctors and staff have been specifically trained in geriatric and inpatient eye care and understand the unique needs of the facility and its Residents. Since all of our Optometrists are therapeutically licensed, they will diagnose and treat eye disease as they provide a variety of professional vision services.

We’re There for You
360care invests in state-of-the-art equipment that provides accurate information to our doctors, even for patients who cannot give a verbal response. Our Automated Refractor provides an accurate eyeglass prescription measurement within seconds, allowing Residents with cognitive communication deficits to be examined. Even Residents diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s benefit from having exams. 360care’s exam will determine the cause of any vision impairment, as well as diagnose and treat any conditions that may limit vision or lead to eye discomfort. Our Optometrists identify and treat all Residents with medical necessity for eye care to ensure facility compliance.

Electronic Health Records
360care uses state-of-the-art EHR (Electronic Health Records) to document all patient encounters. This allows for clear, concise reports for the Resident’s facility chart. These reports are computer generated and left at your Facility the day of our visit. The 360care Eye Care Report includes visual status, glasses plan, medical diagnosis (including ICD-10 code) and plan for treatments and follow up.

360care provides warranties for Glasses provided by 360care that are lost or broken beyond repair. All glasses are engraved with the Resident’s name and date. In the unfortunate event of breakage or lost glasses, 360care replaces them at no cost for as long as the Resident is living at the Facility.


360care schedules consistent visits to your Facility.

360care provides a compassionate Care System that reduces the burden on Nursing Home Staff in providing Eye Care to Residents.

360care accepts Medicare, Medicaid and secondary insurances and completes all of the direct billing.

Better service, better staff, better benefits and better care.

That’s 360care, bringing care to you!
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