Get to Know 360care Provider Recruitment

Angela Rawlings, Physician Recruiter

The joys of advocating for geriatrics has always been dear to my heart. My love for this population began as child. I recall spending countless summers with my grandparents and great aunt. In February my aunt celebrated her 100th birthday. My interests in geriatrics was immediate as a young insurance professional.

I began my career in Medicare Sales at Blue Cross Blue Shield. I took an aging sensitivity training course which contributed to success of my career as insurance agent and physician recruiter. In July 2018, I joined 360care as a Physician Recruiter. This has been the most amazing experience of my career. Not only do I get to speak with providers in great length during the hiring process, I’m blessed to shadow providers and observe them providing quality care to residents. It warms my heart to see residents smile. It’s one of the reasons why I know I made the best decision to work for 360care. I love what I do and look forward too many more wonderful years of service.

I’m a Memphis native, but have enjoyed living in Atlanta, GA for the past 26 years. My husband Derak is my number one cheerleader, always supportive. We’ve been married for 11 years, we have a 10-year-old daughter Zoe Noelle, she keeps me busy with competition cheerleading. Family time is my favorite past time. It’s my peace. I enjoy traveling and love to volunteer with my church. I am also, a devoted contributor to various organizations both nationally and locally.

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