Get to Know 360 Care Operations

Chris Villagomez – VP of Operations

Operations at 360care, what exactly do they do? The Operations team schedules which facility should be visited each month, based on the resident’s medical necessity, matched with providers based on location and provider availability. The number one focus is giving exceptional care to each resident living in a nursing home facility, we are there to make a difference in their lives.

The Operations team in each branch consists of a Branch Manager, Scheduler, Demographics, and Technicians/Assistants. The Branch Manager manages the book of business from the customers, which are facilities, POAs, residents, and providers. The Schedulers are organizing the visits to be seen each month, assigning the providers to each facility, and creating the list of residents to be seen at each visit. Demographics enter all the patient data into the EMR system, process physician orders and consents. The Technicians / Assistants are in the field assisting the provider, working with the facilities and residents to make the visit successful.

The most rewarding part of my job is getting a phone call from a facility, Area Manager, or a POA with a success story. One recent success story was Dr. Richardson, a Podiatrist in Kentucky, who walked to a resident’s room and had a conversation with them to see if they would like his service after the nursing home aide said the resident refused. The resident was seen after meeting Dr. Richardson and was grateful he came to introduce himself.

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