360care Frequently Asked Questions


How do I learn more about this program?
Contact 360care at toll free 1-855-259-9183 or info@360CARE.com

If the resident elects the Special Care Insurance Program, does the premium come out of the resident's personal need money?
No. Premiums are paid out of the patient liability that they are currently paying the facility. This does not affect the resident's monthly personal needs money.

Will the quality of care at the facility suffer because the facility has lowered the patient liability?
No. Medicaid reimburses the facility for the difference.


Many residents do not have teeth or have dentures. Why do they need dental services?
The incidence of oral cancer appears to increase with age. These cancers are detected by jaws, lips, tongue, and palate (roof of the mouth). The effect of these cancers can be devastating. It is also very important that dentures fit and work well. Proper fit can be dependent on the ability of the ridges in the mouth to provide the necessary support. These ridges can change when teeth are removed and that can cause dentures to no longer fit properly. Poor fitting dentures will cause pain while chewing, which may also result in weight loss and other health problems. It is estimated that nearly half of the dentures worn by the elderly are ill-fitting and potentially harmful.

Resident's teeth are sometimes brittle. What can dental services do for that condition?
Studies have shown a direct link between oral health and health problems such as pneumonia, heart attacks, stroke and dementia. Medications frequently used by seniors can also lead to dry mouth and low levels of saliva which can result in problems with eating and swallowing. The Special Care Dental Program will be able to improve the resident's quality of life and improve disease management.

How long will it take for a resident to get dentures?
Generally, residents will have dentures the same day with our One-Step Denture Program.


Residents don't have the need for great vision in a LTC facility, why should they have vision care service?
Two out of three elderly people will fall this year. Vision impairment is a common cause of falls.

Some vision care is already covered by Medicaid/Medicare. Why would a resident need this program?
While certain medical conditions, like Glaucoma are covered by Medicaid/Medicare, our program includes many services that are not covered, but are essential for vision health, normal daily living, and for the self-esteem of the residents.


My residents' feet are healthy and they have not had any foot related problems. Why would podiatry care be necessary?
Unfortunately, most residents cannot care for their feet themselves because they are unable to reach their feet, they lack grip strength, and/or have cognitive disorders.

Can poor foot health really cause other health problems?
Proper diabetic foot care is critical to the overall health of residents. Falls may also be caused by poor foot health.

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